New Owner's Classes

Pleased bring the following supplies to your new owner's class for a computerized sewing machine.

Please bring the following supplies to your new owner's class for an embroidery machine.
Three day event with Floriani Hands on Quilting

Cost: $ 199.00
This class will assist you in using your Baby Lock serger to its full potential. The first class focuses on skill building 4-thread serger techniques that go beyond the basics. Workbook purchase required. Fabric kit included in Class Fee. Class samples can be added to the workbook to create a great resource for future serger projects.

Cost: $ 30.00
Stitcher’s Garden One is open to all ages, levels of sewing experience and machines. This is a great class for learning a new machine. Every technique you learn can be used in garment construction or home decor as well as quilting.class is for BEGINNERS as well as the experienced sewer. A great mother/ daughter class to take for bonding. This will be an ongoing class so you can start in ANY month and keep going till complete. You can miss a month and pick up the block on the next run or at a Denton Sewing Center Sit and Sew (every other Friday evening - check the schedule).

Cost: $ 225.00
It’s a celebration of red, white, and blue with Kimberbell and you! From Presidents’ Day to Veterans Day and a whole lot of summer fun in between, use this event to honor hometown heroes, thank military veterans, and celebrate the USA!

Cost: $ 99.00
Do you have a young sewer-want-to-be in your life? Get her (or him) off on the right foot. Let us teach them how to sew. Kids 9 and up only, please.

Cost: $ 200.00
With fabric and vinyl appliqué, we’ve created a lemonade glass that’s always half full. Stitch the quilted pennant background in a contrasting color for celebration or blend with the background fabric to emphasize the drink and slice of citrus garnishing the cup, like our cherry cola with lime. You’ll find this mouthwatering design delish for an entire mixology of sodas. 

Quilting with your embroidery machine is one of today's most sought-after embroidery skills. Half of the 5-hour class includes hands-on stitching and quilting activities. Lecture demonstration with hands-on quilting and embroidery segments.

Cost: $ 29.00
America, Land That I Love July Bench Pillow is open to all levels of embroidery machines with a hoop size of 6 X 10. Applique kit is available for those who want to use their sewing machine to create this pillow.

Cost: $ 30.00
Can't find time to sew? Come Sit and Sew in our classroom. Work on your sewing or embroidery projects and enjoy a time of fellowship, sharing and creating new friendships. Fee is $10. We provide a meal and beverage. Snacks and dessert are always welcome.

Join the Sisterhood - Hoop Sisters 10th Anniversary in-the-hoop quilt. Quilt can be made using a hoop as small as 5 inches.

Cost: $ 225.00