Hoop Sisters: Feathered Star

This beautiful Feathered Star design was the first collaboration between the HoopSisters and Sharon Schamber. This design is multi-formatted to fit all embroidery machine types and also boasts 5", 6", 7", 8" and 9" block sizes. Choose between the 36 block layout or the 120 block layout, or do both! The border design is also included.

PE Design Next & V 10: Digitizing Just Beyond the Basics

Sometimes the automatic digitizing features in software just donít get you to where you want to go. This class teaches you what to do when all else fails.

Tis the Season Quilt - Multiple Hooping Techniques

Claudia Dinnell's multiple hooping techniques are amazingly easy to do once you learn how. All her patterns are done the same way with no template printing. Minimum hoop size needed is 6" x 10".. The block we are working on in September is Cookies and Milk. Sign up soon so we can order your embroidery pattern disk. Disk Fee: $90.00

Dec 27
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Embroidery Club: Lace Bowl
Jan 9
Embroidery Club: Lace Bowl