FTCU New Owners or Refresher Course

If you are new to Floriani Total Control Universe embroidery software or would like a refresher class on Text and Monograms in FTCU, this class is for you. If you attended the last class for new owners, this class will complete your introduction to FTCU.

Open Classroom

Open Classroom is an alternative to Sit n Sew. No fee is required. The concept is simple: 1) let us know the date you will be attending, 2) bring your sewing project, tools and refreshment, 3) stake out your seat and 4) clean up the classroom before you leave.

Kimberbell Embroidery Club: Dimensional Mylar Applique Leaves

Make leaves shimmer without metallic thread! Use to decorate a wreath or wrap around a candle, or top a napkin ring.

Aug 26
Brother Dream Machine 2 My Design Center/Baby Lock Destiny II Project
Sep 2
Embroidery Club: Notions Organizer
Sep 5
Embroidery Club: Notions Organizer