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Elnapress 450


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How does it work?

It lets you iron all types of clothing and apparel: from pants, shirts, t-shirts to pleated skirts.

Lay the wrinkled garment onto the ironing board, lower the heating plate and let the natural vapor, pressure and heat of Elnapress work its magic.  In just a few seconds, your clothing will be ironed and ready to go.

Press up- to 6 layers at the same time and with a single action.

The heating plate distributes the heat evenly thanks to the unique quality of its aluminum alloy materia, its multiple heat diffusers and its reinforced, enameled structure.

The Natural Vapor generated by the Vapojet system provides impeccable ironing that also protects the fabric, rejuvenates fibers and exalts its colors.  Your clothes will last even longer!